Quality and Environment Policy

ENERGY PANEL,“whose activity is Design”, development, manufacture and commercialization of thermodynamic, thermohydric systems and heat pumps , considers that the protection of the environment occupies a prominent place within its objectives, because we form part of the renewable energy sector and we try to promote the use of them through our facilities to our customers and society.

Due to the philosophy that our activity must have with respect to the client, our objective is to obtain the maximum satisfaction from him, as well as to promote continuous improvement of the services we provide.

A maximum profitability of our products will be sought and the best possible technique will be offered, for this reason our company relies on the development and research of new forms of solar capture or thermal use.

It is intended that all staff take charge of this philosophy and participate in the Management System, promoting internal communication and that prevention is better than correction before clients.

To guarantee these objectives, the management has developed the following guidelines:

  1. The protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution as an important responsibility of the management. This protection requires responsible behavior from all the people who make up ENERGY PANEL.
  2. We declare our commitment to comply with the current legal provisions that are applicable due to the nature of our activities, the requirements set by our clients, as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes.
  3. We inform and train our employees extensively on the environmental aspects related to the development of their activities within the ENERGY PANEL and we motivate them so that their behavior in the workplace reflects this environmental awareness.
  4. Adapt to customer needs, exceed their expectations, maintain proximity and innovate.

From the General Directorate of Energy Panel, we are committed to the compliance and availability of this Quality and Environment Policy to our workers, suppliers, clients and other interested parties, as well as providing the necessary resources for its implementation in all areas of activity of the company.

Lucena. 02/10/18

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